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Black Caesar The Rise and Disappearance of Frank Mathhews, Kingpin

Ron Chepesiuk

A Biography Chronicling the Biggest Mystery in Organized Crime

The Book

In Black Caesar: The Rise and Disappearance of Frank Matthews, Kingpin, journalist Ron Chepesiuk investigates one of organized crime’s most intriguing mysteries. The book explores several intriguing questions: how was Matthews’ been able to operate for several years without being detected? What was his relationship with La Cosa Nostra? Why did the CIA get involved in the Matthews investigation? What happened to Cheryl Brown? Why has the mystery of his disappearance been so difficult to solve?

Born in 1944 in Durham, North Carolina, Matthews left his hometown when he was a teenager, going first to Philadelphia and then to New York City. By the early 1970’s, Frank Matthews had become America's biggest drug kingpin. His organization, headquartered in Brooklyn, stretched across 21 states, and he became the only Black gangster to establish direct ties to the French Connection heroin pipeline. To quote William Callahan, a federal prosecutor assigned to the Matthews’ case, “Matthews was a pioneering giant of drug distribution."

The $15 to 20 million Matthews is believed to have disappeared with is roughly equivalent to the $90 to $100 in today's cash. The book explores various theories about the fate of Frank Matthews, and the author offers his own conclusion about the mystery.

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"One of the last great gangland mysteries. In a fascinating investigation, Ron Chepesiuk takes readers into the little-known history of one of organized crime’s most enigmatic figures. A great read!"

Christian Cipollini, Author of Diary of a Motor City Hit Man: The Chester Wheeler Campbell Story

The Author

Ron Chepesiuk

Ron Chepesiuk is a Rock Hill, SC-based award-winning author of more than 33 books, is a Fulbright Scholar, the radio host of the Crime Beat radio show, a consultant to the History Channel’s Gangland TV series and a regular interviewee on U.S. cable TV crime shows.

"Frank Matthews could have ruled the world."

William Callahan, Former Federal Prosecutor

"It's like Frank vanished off the face of the Earth"

Brother Carter, Former Matthews Associate

Questions & Answers

Ron Chepesiuk's answers to questions about Frank Matthews

Do you think Frank Matthews is Alive or Dead?

I would like people to read the book to find out what I think. I spent a lot of time researching Matthews story. I do give my opinion on what I think happened to Frank Matthews, but I don’t claim to have the definitive answer.

Did the U.S. government really look for Frank after he disappeared?

They sure did. Both the DEA and the U.S. Marshals spent a lot of money and devoted a lot of manpower to trying to get him. The DEA set up a special taskforce—Centac 2—to go after him. The agents assigned to the case became obsessed with Matthews.

Does Frank Matthews still have family living in the Durham, NC area?

Yes, he does. His aunt Marzellla who played a key role in his life is in her 80s but very much alive. Durham has not forgotten Black Caesar.

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